Why Shop With Us?

Good question!

We are a family owned and operated business of two brothers and a sister. We have nine children between us and we pride ourselves on running a reputable second generation family business. We are not a large import company distributing products worldwide, we are a proud South Australian manufacturing business. This makes us accessible and flexible. 

The main reason we would love for you to shop with us is that you will receive a very high quality product that has been designed and produced with durability in mind. Let's face it - kids can really test the strength and capabilities of furniture in a classroom or pre-school environment! 

We believe that by using a high grade premium plywood and quality fixtures, our customers will get increased longevity out of the furniture. 

As an added bonus, the furniture is aesthetically pleasing so you can create a warm, inviting, but natural looking space. We intentionally designed our furniture to complement children's activities and artwork; so your space does not become overwhelming or overstimulating for the little ones. 

We know our customers are busy accommodating the needs of little people, so flat pack furniture is not high on the priority list! That's why our furniture will arrive fully assembled and ready to be rolled or lifted into place! 

Most importantly we would like our customers to know that they are purchasing furniture that has been produced from the raw material to the finished product, right here in Australia!  That means you are contributing to ongoing employment of Australians and ensuring the continuation of Australian manufacturing. 

We hope you like what you see on our website and give our furniture a try! If you have something specific in mind that you would like to add to your order, why not email us and see if we can produce it for you! 

Together we can create inviting spaces for the future generations to learn and grow!

Thanks for visiting our site,

The Kelly Family - Josh, Hamish and Harmony