Furniture Specifications

Our entire range of furniture is built from 15mm solid birch plywood. Once the furniture is constructed it is then coated in our spraybooth with a UV laquer to protect the timber and enhance the strength and durability of the surfaces.

All of our products are machined, assembled and distributed right here in Australia, meaning you not only get excellent furniture, but you are also supporting Australian Manufacturing! 

You may find that there is a very slight variance in colour and timber grain strength in our furniture. This is just part of working with what nature provides us. We feel this variety only enhances the natural look of the products.

We do not manufacture with a plywood-look material - we use the 'real stuff!'. You will see and feel the quality of the plywood on your furniture and notice that the weight of our products is greater than furniture assembled with a laminated plywood material. Our furniture is solid, durable and capable of withstanding the impact of active children!


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Please Note: All of our furniture is designed for indoor use only


Cleaning your furniture :

When you wish to clean your furniture, use a soft cloth with some water and non abrasive cleaning detergent.